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Category: Competitions
Where: UK-wide
Closing date: Tuesday, 3 May, 2011
More info: Download the Brief

The world today is complex, fast-paced and constantly changing. The evolution of the internet, social networking and 24 hour multi-media news means that there are many information sources from which a common picture of events may be drawn. However those sources are disparate and incoherent and their veracity is questionable.

INSTINCT, in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, is launching an SBRI competition to fund the development of approaches to;

  • pull together publicly available live data streams
  • analyse the data for indications of an emerging event
  • present information in real-time and display it in such a way as to clearly and simply represent the situation
  • maintain an audit trail of relevant information used, its accuracy and its contribution to the common picture

The aim of this competition is to stimulate development of innovative tools that allow the collection and analysis of live data streams in real time in order to identify trends, build a common picture and monitor, manage and influence events as they occur.  INSTINCT is particularly interested in applying these tools to the analysis and management of terrorist incidents.



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