Call for Proposals

Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition GAME
Call Opens: Wed 23rd May 2012
Call Closes: Monday 2nd July 2012
Exhibition duration: 26 October 2012 – 18th January 2013

See call at [1]

Calling all gamers from casual to hardcore, newbies and retrogamers, data nerds, hobbyists, artists, scientists, tech geeks, edgy engineers and serious gamers, Science Gallery is seeking proposals for its major 2012 exhibition GAME launching in October 2012, during Dublin’s tenure as European City of Science.

With global industry sales predicted to reach $68.4 billion this year, the games industry has overtaken all other entertainment industries in the last ten years. An average UK gamer is 23 years old, has been playing games for over ten years and spends on average 11 hours per week playing games. Ireland is rapidly emerging as a global hub for animation and games with many of the leading software and middleware developers located here.

GAME at Science Gallery will explore the multifaceted world of gaming from the technology and design behind games to gaming and society and the history of games. Jane McGonigal in her book “Reality is broken” argues that games can make us better and that by harnessing what game developers have learnt about optimizing human experience we can develop games that can tackle some of the major issues of the 21st century from depression and obesity to making people more socially connected. GAME at Science Gallery will explore the amazing potential of games and offer opportunities to visitors to engage in numerous aspects of this theme, even creating their very own game during a visit.

GAME is Science Gallery’s end of year exhibition for 2012. We are interested in receiving proposals for exhibits, events and workshops along the following themes,

* GAME TECHNOLOGY from state of the art physics, graphics, animation and audio to augmented reality to cutting edge interfaces to neuro-gaming
* GAME DESIGN from the art of games, to the mechanics of games and game narratives and storytelling
* GAMES & SOCIETY from gamification to competitive games to the psychology of gaming and serious games to gaming as a professional sport to the opportunity for gaming to make us better
* HISTORY OF GAMES from Spacewar! to the first home consoles to speculative pieces exploring the future of gaming
* GAME PRODUCTION and the business of games – what do game designers consider in developing a new game, how do games make money and what are the new trends in this growing market?

GAME objectives

* To engage young adult visitors to GAME not merely as consumers of games, but as potential game creators;
* To inspire visitors with the opportunities in the games sector;
* To provide an engaging experience of the creative process of game design and development;
* To provide exciting experiences of current trends and future directions in games (mobile/social games, neuro-gaming, AR, etc);
* To provoke critical engagement with games and game-culture and “gamification”;
* To highlight the different skills (art, science, design,storytelling, strategy) involved in game creation
* To impact over 50,000 visitors on-site during the 3 month exhibition run and over 100,000 visitors online (through key online-only elements)
* To work with key games industry and research partners and EI/IDA to highlight Ireland’s position as a potential hub for games industry
* To help put Ireland on the map for games with key international audiences including game industry, investors, tech community through significant national and international media coverage for GAME and its participants
* To host high impact events, workshops and demos during the course of GAME for young adult, educational and industry/investor audiences
* To inspire more young people to take an interest in computer science, physics and mathematics and to motivate them to develop their skills in these areas


To submit your proposal, please follow the link the submissions page [2]

If you need any help, please email


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