Come up with a cracker concept for the BBC Big Screens over the Festive period

The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) today announced details of a New Year funding opportunity to develop interactive games and applications for the BBC Big Screens at Belfast City Hall and Waterloo Place in Derry~Londonderry.

Momentum/Digital Circle is inviting tenders for the creation of these interactive games/applications. The initiative is funded by DCAL and is also supported by Digital Derry and the BBC. Winning concepts might also be showcased across the UK network of Big Screens. Deadline for receipt of applications is 27 January 2012 and local digital companies are encouraged to use the festive period to conjure up winning ideas to promote the region’s digital creativity and innovation on the local and national stages.

This competition is not just for digital companies – those from ‘non-techie’ backgrounds might have a great concept for an interactive game or application. Funding will enable a link-up with a digital partner to make the concept a reality. Similarly, local digital companies can team up with companies in GB and elsewhere with experience of developing for the Big Screens and public space broadcasting. Furthermore, local NI digital companies might not have a concept to pitch but might be willing to offer their services to provide technical solutions.

What you need to know:

NB on Budget

The core costs for each game/application relates to the cost of development (staff/developer time etc). Therefore each game/application is bespoke but, on average, games developed in GB have mostly involved £4.5-£7K commissions with a few more complex concepts in the region of £10-£15K.


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