Inspired by the popularity and success of BBC TWO’s returning television series, ‘James May’s Things You Need to Know’, Derry’s very own 360Production has teamed up with BBC Worldwide to bring an innovative new channel to YouTube called Head Squeeze, starring James May.

At Head Squeeze James May, and his crack team of scientists, mathematicians, comedians and a… badger, provide left-field insights, sideways interpretations and bizarre, entertaining facts about whatever is in the news, trending on twitter, or being discussed at the water cooler. Head Squeeze is packed full of science, technology, history and current affairs. It’s for anyone who wants to find out more about the events and stories unfolding around them but presented in a way that they just wouldn’t get through the normal news and media sources.

The channel will publish a new video every day of the week for a year and since its soft launch at the end of December 2012 it has accumulated 167,015 views and 8,019 subscribers already. You can find the channel at



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